Digging Out

January 6th

I was divorced for the second time, I felt like a failure, I was cold, the furnace had gone out, and to top it off, the water had froze overnight. It was January in Missouri. I was living in the double wide modular home my ex husband and I had hurriedly purchased when we had found we were pregnant with my second baby. I was working retail, he was an overnight truck driver, we had no extra money. We were so excited tho, and I’m sure he was a little scared. He had not been around for the first one, this baby was gonna be ‘ his’ boy. He had told me he had had a dream, the baby was a boy, and he was playing ball with him in the dream. They are still thick as thieves, and I love that. I love that they are so close.

Any way, so here I am freezing in my bed, I have every blanket I own on me, I am crying, no, I am sobbing, blubbering. I am terrified of what I need to do. I call my best friend, she tells me again what needs to happen. She is a southern gal, a true Southern gal, she would not be in bed blubbering. She says I can do this. I get up, keeping my phone with me, there could be ‘ something ‘ under the house, just waiting for me. I take a space heater, heat tape, flashlight. I crawl under the house, there really is about 2 ft space under there, feels like 6 inches. I know there is ‘something ‘ watching me, ready to pounce. I am still blubbering, I have my friend on the phone, have it laying in the dirt, she is telling me I am fine. I finally get pipes wrapped, heater is on, I practically jump out from under the house. I can breathe now.

I crawl back under the covers, safe, warm, still crying, I’ve been through a lot. I wait, I fall asleep. Something wakes me, I hear water trickle. The water is thawing !! I did it!

It’s my birthday.

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