Digging Out


I’m on the phone with my best friend, I don’t have enough money for the move back to Missouri. My ex husband has decided he won’t allow my son to fly out to be with me for the summer. He’s also suing me for full custody. Nope, not gonna happen, something clicked in me.

I had gone 7 months without seeing him, I was so mad at me. I was mad because I felt I had sacrificed everything he had believed in me. I felt that he no longer had any faith or respect left for me. Mind you, this was in my head, to this day I have no idea of it’s truth. I just knew I needed to go back, and I needed more money.

My friend loaned me the money, I packed a small moving truck, put my car on the car hauler and off I went.

I had been checking weather conditions, I had a couple of mountains to go over. The threat of snow was real. It was early April. So I get to the base of one of the mountains, I see snow chain signs posted, I’m such a baby, the worry sets in immediately.

I pull into a Walmart to look for chains. I’ve never put on chains, I just know I need them, we’ll worry about actually using them later. As if simply having them is what makes the difference. There are no chains available to fit my truck. Plan B? No plan B. Just cry Kathy, that will make this better.

So I do. I go sit in the truck, call anybody I can, asking for alternate routes, anything. There are no alternative routes that won’t take me to far out of the way, I’m on a budget. So I bundle up, and I just stay in the Walmart parking lot till first light. A cop actually rapped on my window at some time that night, asking to see if I was ok. I think it was an angel. He told me I would be fine in the morning to go over it. I just bawled like a baby. So grateful for those words.

At daylight I was up and going, so proud of myself. I was such a big girl! Wink, wink.

My most beautiful memory of that trip, I was coming into Wyoming, the sun was just coming up, it’s light was bouncing off of the beautiful orange rocks. The only radio station I could find was in Spanish, I think I was actually starting to understand it.

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