Digging Out

Becoming A Princess

To know that God loves you so much, that you have not been forgotten is beyond anything I have ever felt. I had been running and hiding for so long, and to have God so blatantly put this man in my life, this perfect love in my life was such a true show of His love for me.

We had decided we would go to his church together, they were having some different classes. We chose to start going to a marriage class. Yes, a marriage class. I had been divorced twice, obviously I was doing it wrong, I was not going to receive this gift from God and then screw it up again.

So we get to the class and I go to sit down beside him, and I kid you not, electric shock went through our arms. I knew he was mine.

I learned in that class that the husband is to love his wife as Christ loves us, a wife is to be treated like Christ treats us. My husband is to reflect the love of Christ to me. This may sound like common knowledge, but to me this was mind blowing, not that I had ever experienced any abuse, but I had never had a man show such love and respect that I could actually see Gods reflection in that love. I tease my husband to this day about how I am a princess. Until I met him, I always wanted to be a princess, now, I actually believe I am.

Our first date was such a true statement of his character. We were headed to Springfield when I got a call from my mom. My youngest brother and her had had a disagreement and he had kicked her out of the house they were staying in. I think she needed a ride to my oldest brothers house.It was going to be at least an eighty mile venture in all. Explaining this to him was a bit tough, but he laughs, tells me it sounds like his family, he can so relate. He offers to go pick up my mom and transport her wherever she’s needing to go. We get to where my mom is. It’s dark, she is sitting on her bags, smoking a cigarette at the base of the uphill dirt road to the house. He gets out of the car, loads her bags in the trunk and opens the back passenger door for my mom to get in. She gets in and says that’s the first time she’s had a car door opened for her. I’m sure she felt like a princess too.

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